Our ESG commitments

Towards our investments

  • Respect the confidentiality of all information to which we have access. 
  • Encourage our partners to improve their managerial practices by giving priority to respect for the individual and excluding all forms of discrimination. 
  • Raising awareness of ESG / Sustainability issues among our partners.
  • Establish appropriate governance by encouraging, for example, the presence of independent members in boards.

Towards our team of engaged entrepreneurs

  • Build and develop a diverse team to broaden the vision, creativity, and skills of our company.
  • Promote the involvement and accountability of each team member in the development of our business, in the decision-making process and investments.
  • To build a work environment conducive to group spirit, conviviality, transparency, and the development of each member of the team.

Towards our investors and limited partners

  • Always align our own interests with those of our investors.
  • Communicate regularly with our investors, in a spirit of independence and transparency, on both financial and non-financial issues.
  • We avoid companies that do not respect the fundamental conventions on human rights and labor rights.
  • Comply with applicable anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws and obligations.
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