Previa medical

Previa Medical, a deeptech start-up specialized in the development of predictive medicine.

Previa has developed SEPSI-SCORE©, an artificial intelligence solution specializing in the early detection of sepsis, which has been certified as a medical device in 2021.
The platform alerts health professionals up to 48 hours before the first sepsis symptoms. The solution is integrated into the hospital’s business software and analyzes data from patients’ medical records in real time. It allows health professionals to accurately identify risks, start the treatment protocol as early as possible and thus increase patient survival.


TheraSonic aims to revolutionize the treatment of neurological diseases using focused ultrasound.

The brain is protected from pathogens and certain macromolecules in the bloodstream by the blood-brain barrier. However, this physiological barrier considerably limits the concentration of active ingredients in the brain, making the development of effective drugs more difficult. As a result, many diseases, such as brain cancer, remain virtually incurable.

The fruit of over 15 years’ research at CEA Saclay, TheraSonic is a start-up developing a medical device using transcranial focused ultrasound to make this blood-brain barrier permeable to drugs. The device combines a robotic arm with a neuronavigation system, enabling multiple areas of the brain to be targeted precisely and rapidly. This solution opens up new perspectives in the treatment of brain metastases. In addition, a patented ultrasound dosimetry system guarantees the safety of the device.

M2care has been working alongside the scientific team for several months, investing both financially and in terms of human resources in the creation of TheraSonic, with the aim of carrying out a first study in humans by 2025.

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