Venture studio

We source the “rare pearls” of healthtech to convert them into high-performance and internationally scalable startups by investing human value and funds.

1 - Sourcing and qualification

We source the most promising innovations through a constant presence in the field with French and European academic players and hospitals. We scout more than 400 projects each year, allowing us to retain a few of them, and thus operate 2 to 3 startups’ creations per year. We are drastic in our selection of projects to allow us to choose the best innovations and build up the tomorrow’s successful startups.

2 - Exploration and ante-creation

We qualify the technological assets, the risks and opportunities of the project, and anticipate intellectual property, clinical, regulatory, industrial and market constraints upstream, before any commitment into a start-up’s creation.

In this process, we rely on the active support of our European ecosystem: business experts, entrepreneurs, corporate groups, academic networks and major players in human and animal health.

3 - Creation and investment

We invest in startups both “in-kind” time, converting our human value into capital, and funds.

We act as a team of entrepreneurs in residence, bringing the essential skills to the start-up and its first development phases, and we assume the role of CEO until the recruitment of a dedicated team. We remain operationally involved until Series A on a degressive basis and as per the startup’s needs.

We finance the very early stages of the project and we optimize the non-dilutive leverage effect.

4 - Financing and exit

We seek out the most relevant investors among seed and Series A funds at every key mislestone of the project in order to jointly co-finance the development phases.

We value the key milestones of the project and identify potential buyers of our startups upstream. We integrate the exit scenarios of our startups from the pre-creation phase.

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